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Vacant Homes: Yes, we rent out furniture and accessories.  Our vacant rental contract includes furniture and accessory rental for a 10 week time frame which can be extended, if needed, on a month-to-month basis. 

Occupied Homes: If you will be living at the property, we can simplify and accentuate spaces within the property using your furniture and decor - even if your pieces are limited.  Less is best!  With the DIY Staging Solution, we make recommendations for minor upgrades, repairs, and/or painting that should be done to best market your home.  We also suggest affordable statement making accessories which you can purchase at local retailers to complete the look.  You would be surprised what $20 worth of throw pillows can do to a living room or bedroom!! 

I spent a lot of time and money decorating my home.  Why would I stage it now?

Occupied Homes can take anywhere from a couple hours, to several days.  During our initial consultation we assess each home and determine the amount of time it should take to complete the staging process.  Our goal is to complete each project thoroughly and quickly to allow for your home to go on the market as soon as possible. 

Vacant Homes typically take 7-10 days to prepare a design and logistics for the actual staging project.  Staging Install takes 2 to 2 1/2 days to fully stage and photograph. 

We live in our homes every day and many of us have designed, decorated, and enjoyed making our houses our own personal space.  For this reason, it is very difficult for a homeowner to be impartial and objectively view their home as a commodity they are selling.   When staging a home, we neutralize the home, which is the exact opposite of the personalization that a homeowner does while spending their life in their home.

My home has been on the market unstaged for a while.  How will my home get noticed if I stage it now? 


How long does the staging process take? 


How soon can you have my home staged? 

Do you rent furniture and/or accessories? 


We haven’t moved yet.  How can I live in a staged home? 

Occupied Homes can generally be scheduled within 5 to 7 days - sometimes sooner. 

Vacant Homes, we ask at least 2-3 weeks lead time.  We understand sometimes homes need to be completed right away and we do everything we can to make this happen.  

Why should I have my home staged?   

Neither stagers nor realtors can tell you when your home will sell.  According to a Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp survey, staged homes sell in half the time as unstaged homes.  Another survey by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that the longer a home sits on the market, the lower the offer(s) they receive.  Don’t wait until your home has been on the market a few weeks or even months to have it staged.  When a home comes up on MLS as a new listing, this is when your property will receive the most views and generate the most interest - don’t miss this narrow window.  Also, it is vital that your home is priced correctly from Day 1.  Work closely with your realtor and have them run comparable home prices for your neighborhood, if they have not done so already.  ​

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Everyone's home is a very personal reflection of themselves.   Think of your home like a swimsuit.  No matter how close you are with your best friend, would you really want to wear their swimsuit?  Probably not, because we all look good and feel good in different suits and settings.   One of our goals is to neutralize the home so that it can attract the attention of buyers while allowing them to see the home as an opportunity for the buyer and not a tour through someone else's personal space.

The market is improving and homes are moving again and your house will most likely sell.  However, competition is out there.  How soon and for how much are two variables that you can help control.  According to a NAR survey (National Association of Realtors), the earlier an offer is made on a home after coming onto the market, the higher the offers will be.  The longer a home sits on the market, the lower the offers will be.   Have your home professionally staged BEFORE putting it on the market to allow the 'new house' buzz to be consumed by motivated eager buyers anxious to see and make an offer on your home.

The housing market is improving,

I don’t need to stage my home now, right?

Living in a staged home can be easier than living in your home now.  Skilled stagers are amazing at creating ways to control the clutter center and organizing the unorganizable.  We also help eliminate, reduce and remove your belongings so that by the time your home is staged, you are already half packed.  Properly staged homes look bigger and brighter.  Careful, the best staging jobs may convince you to not sell your home.

It's ok!  Your property will still be seen.  New buyers are always on-line looking for homes.  In fact, a National Association of Realtors survey confirmed 90% of buyers are looking on-line first.  Make sure your listing promotes beautiful, professional photos of rooms that people can't wait to see in person.  You may also want to consider having an open house as soon as possible after the staging is complete.  This will help generate new interest from buyers and realtors!  Also, ask your realtor about having your listing 'featured' on syndicated sites like Trulia, Zillow, and others.

A strategically staged home will attract on-line buyers, increase showings, with faster and often more substantial offers.  Staging is not about re-decorating an unsightly house.  Home Staging is tactfully and artfully arranging all homes to accentuate the positive architectural and spatial features while allowing room for buyers to create a positive emotional, personal and genuine connection to the home. 

We offer multiple staging packages for all budgets.   During our initial consultation, we discuss which options would work best for you, your home and your budget.  The National Association of Realtors survey found that when a homeowner invests as little as 1 to 3% of the home's asking price into staging the property, they return 8 to 10% of that investment in the final sale.                           to see our staging services options.

Why should I hire a professional? Can’t I stage my home myself?

How much does it cost to have my home staged?

How quickly will my home sell?